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The Edmonton Chamber Music Society

History of the Edmonton Chamber Music Society

In the Beginning, 1954–1962

In 1954, Richard Eaton and Dorothie Langmo sounded out other local musicians about forming a group for the performance and enjoyment of chamber music in Edmonton. Receiving an enthusiastic response, they formed a four-person executive committee with Dorothie as president, and the Edmonton Chamber Music Society was born.

The new group did not lack for ambition, declaring their programs “will feature a variety of complete chamber works, such as sonatas, trios, string quartets, woodwind and brass ensembles and some unique combinations, such as four cellos – all directed toward building orchestral chamber works in concerti grossi.”

The first concert was presented in the University of Alberta’s Convocation Hall on January 20, 1955. Two more concerts followed that winter at a price of $1 for all three, and free for students. By the third concert, the series attracted an audience of about 100 and a review in the Edmonton Journal. From the second season on, five concerts were presented at a cost of $2.50, free for students. Sponsorship by the University provided free use of Convocation Hall.

Excerpt from notes by Renate von Koenigsloew, longtime Historian of the ECMS; A Passion for Music: A biography of Richard S. Eaton, by Margaret C. Matheson (Edmonton: Spotted Cow Press, 2001); and articles in the Edmonton Journal.

Past Presidents of the Edmonton Chamber Music Society

Dorothie Langmo 1954/1955–1956/1957
Anne Burrows 1957/1958–1958/1959
G.T. (Ted) Lindskoog 1959/1960–1961/1962
H.D. (Toby) Smith 1962/1963
Russell Nye 1963/1964–1965/1966
Russell Nye, Robert Stangeland 1965/1966
R.J. Buck  1966/1967–1968/1969
D.G. Tyndall  1969/1970
Harald Kuckertz 1970/1971–1971/1972
G.A. (Gerry) Mulhall 1972/1973–1973/1974
Alan Lupin 1974/1975–1975/1976
Harald Kuckertz 1976/1977–1977/1978
Jack Chetner 1978/1979–1979/1980
Henry Kreisel 1980/1981–1982/1983
Don Morrish 1983/1984–1984/1985
Harald Kuckertz 1985/1986–1986/1987
Geoffrey Kulak 1987/1988–1988/1989
Sieglinde Rooney 1989/1990–1991/1992
Joe Brumlik 1992/1993–1995/1996
Christopher Head 1996/1997–2001/2002
Dorcas Fulton 2002/2003–2009/2010
Sherrill Conroy 2010/2011–2012/2013
Dorcas Fulton, Karen Fingas 2013/2014
Karen Fingas 2013/2014–2017/2018
Don Morrish 2018/2019

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