The Edmonton Chamber Music Society


Volunteer Opportunities

Working Groups | Board Members | Director of Development | Volunteer Coordinator

The Edmonton Chamber Music Society (ECMS), a well-established volunteer-run community organization, has an opportunity for skilled, committed volunteers to serve on various working groups and the Board of Directors.

For over 60 years ECMS has been bringing internationally renowned chamber musicians to Edmonton. Serving thousands of appreciative audience members, our concert seasons offer a range of programming from early music to contemporary works performed by instrumental and vocal soloists, small chamber orchestras and traditional string quartets. Since 2008 ECMS has also successfully produced a Summer Solstice Music Festival in June of each year, bringing chamber musicians together for a diverse array of concerts, master classes and outreach events.

Working Groups

ECMS allows you to put current skills to work or learn new ones by actively contributing to one of our teams. Specific needs at this time include:

  • Serving on a fundraising committee with several Board members and volunteers
  • Pickup and delivery of materials (often on concert afternoons and evenings)
  • Business, accounting, and/or financial management background to participate on a committee on planning, budgeting and strategic development
  • Facilitation skills to design and conduct focus groups
  • Design and analysis of electronic surveys
  • Fostering community collaborations and sponsorships

Board Members

Our Board members act in both a governance and a working capacity. The Board holds approximately 10 evening meetings and one strategic planning session per year. Some roles require knowledge of classical music. All roles are challenging and allow volunteers to either use their existing skills and knowledge, or learn new things, work with others or independently.

Two of our key needs this year are the Director of Development and the Volunteer Coordinator.

Director: Development

You will apply and expand your business and community connections and knowledge of fundraising in the not-for-profit sector to help the organization establish a reliable base of financial support for the unique role that ECMS plays in Edmonton’s cultural community. This is a chance to initiate new strategies and build a long-term approach to fundraising.

We would like the Director of Development to contribute to some of the following opportunities:  

  1. Lead community liaison by providing linkages and building relationships with the business and educational sectors, the music community, and individuals that benefit from or have a stake in having the finest classical music performed in Edmonton;
  2. Identifying and supporting Board members to develop the necessary skills to assist with fundraising initiatives;
  3. Working with a team of Board members and volunteers to contribute to an annual fundraising strategy: establishing goals, target setting, planning methods, monitoring progress, sponsor and donor recognition;
  4. Providing advice to the Board for assessing methods and targets for annual donations, and taking leadership in engaging members, the Board and volunteers in attaining the goals.

Volunteer Coordinator

This role supports the overall functioning of the organization by helping to recruit, orient, support and retain volunteers. Since the work of the Society is conducted almost exclusively by volunteers, all new initiatives require the involvement of people who can contribute their time and talents to a range of activities.

The Volunteer Coordinator is a member of the Board of the Society, will be assisted in the various tasks and responsibilities by volunteers, contractors and other Board members, and will receive orientation and ongoing support from various Board members. 

This role would suit you if you like to work with people, understand the diversity of skills and abilities that ECMS volunteers offer, and are a good communicator. The role requires organizational and interpersonal skills. Knowledge of chamber music is not required.

Time Commitment
Board meetings are two hours in length and are held approximately 10 times per year. A special planning and development day-long session for the Board may be held throughout the year. The position entails time communicating with existing and potential volunteers and other Board members and organizing the needed resources for new initiatives. 

An average of about 10 hours minimum per month is anticipated; time commitments will vary depending upon time of year, new initiatives and special events.

Interested? Please contact me to discuss options.
Karen Fingas  ECMS President