The Edmonton Chamber Music Society


Venue Survey Results | October 2014

Many thanks to all of you who took part in the venue survey during the 2013/2014 Season. 261 people participated in the survey; 122 by filling out the questionnaire on the back of the draw slips and 139 online.

The preferred venue for most participants was:

Other venues were suggested by 1% of participants and included Robertson-Wesley United Church, First Baptist Church, Winspear Centre, SUB/Myer Horowitz Theatre, Ellerslie Baptist, TELUS Centre, Timms Centre and Alberta College.

Those who preferred Convocation Hall indicated that they did so primarily because of:

  • Acoustics (76%)
  • Visibility of the artists (68%)
  • Ease of parking, seating comfort and accessibility of transit were commonly indicated.
  • Many also mentioned tradition and ambience.

Negative comments re: Convocation Hall included:

  • Expensive parking & problems with the parking machines
  • Walking distance to parking with no drop-off area
  • Distance to transit
  • Squeaky seats

Those who preferred West End Christian Reformed Church indicated that they did so primarily because of:

  • Ease of parking (67%)
  • Visibility of artists (44%)
  • Acoustics, visibility of artists and seating comfort were also indicated

Negative comments re: West End Christian Reformed included:

  • Sight lines
  • Acoustics
  • Accessibility to transit
  • There were contradictory comments concerning artist visibility and acoustics, with some of you commenting favorably and some very negatively. Perhaps these differing opinions resulted from seating in different parts of the hall.

Those who preferred McDougall United Church indicated that they did so primarily because of:

  • Acoustics (56%)
  • Visibility (60%)
  • Ease of parking and access to transit were also mentioned

Negative comments re: McDougall United Church included:

  • Building maintenance (falling plaster)
  • Walking safely to transit late at night

In summary, most of you prefer Convocation Hall. This is our traditional concert venue and we will continue to have concerts there whenever possible. However, Con Hall is not always available and as our audience increases we need to find larger venues for concerts expected to draw a larger audience than can be seated in Con Hall (capacity 400). That is why we use West End Christian Reformed Church (capacity 800) and McDougall (capacity 1,100).

We will explore the possibility of using some of the other suggested venues. If you attended the Summer Solstice Festival concert at Robertson-Wesley United Church (capacity 650) please feel free to send your comments Email concerning this venue.

Some of the other suggested venues:

  • Are too small (Alberta College: capacity 250)
  • Are too expensive (Winspear Centre)
  • Some theatres (Timms Centre) and lecture halls (TELUS Centre) do not have good acoustics for chamber music

We take note of the 40% of you who listed access to transit as an important consideration and for this reason we have ruled out Ellerslie Baptist as a possible venue.

We welcome your comments and suggestions Email on any topic concerning The Edmonton Chamber Music Society.