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ECMS Bylaws

Notice of Special Resolution to Amend the Bylaws

September 2018

A review of the bylaws was undertaken after the Board attended a Board Development Workshop in 2017. The Board saw a need to clarify the roles and responsibilities of its members and to update its policies and procedures to assure the sustainable and effective operation of the Society. We realized our bylaws had not been reviewed in many years and wanted to ensure they met both current regulatory requirements for non-profit organizations and the current governance and operational needs of the Society.

We limited our review to where we needed to clarify our policies and/or address things that were out of date. We had assistance from an advisor at the Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations, which gives us confidence in our proposed changes.

Many changes are minor clarifications or updates such as allowing for Board members to attend meetings via electronic means. Other changes are:

  • In the current bylaws, the governing body is an Executive Committee. Since it acts as a Board, and everyone usually refers to it as a Board, we decided to call it a Board in the bylaws. This is mainly a change in terminology and should have no effect on the way the Society operates.
  • Strengthening financial procedures: for example, by requiring two signing officers for all payments and clarifying audit requirements.
  • Allowing the Board to appoint additional members to the Board between Annual General Meetings provided they are nominated, stand for office and are elected at the next AGM.
  • Explicitly stating that all members may attend all meetings and may put their names forward for election to the Board.

Download the proposed Bylaws

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